Kathy's 2nd Chance Plants, LLC
Kathy's 2nd Chance Plants, LLC
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Floral Shopping has become so impersonal. Stop out and pick up your eggs, milk, bread and flowers at the same time.
Everything has been sitting in buckets, for how long awaiting your visit?
Other options may be a online store that shows you 1 sided pictures of good, better and best choices for you to pick from. 
We have a Better alternative.

Why Kathy's Creations?
We offer a more relaxed intimate, one on one caring service.
Returning back to real customer service and fresher flowers for your convenience.
We procure the flowers only when an order is placed.
We go the extra step for your special life events.
Most flowers arrangements can be ready for pick up or delivery within a few hours of ordering.
Now, you can return to real personalized service with Kathy's.

We create Joy, Happiness and Smiles for the people you care about. 

We now except all major credit cards with the Square Reader. 

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